At Functional Fitness Coaching we have the experience to develop all levels of fitness and well being, from complete beginner to elite athlete. Whether it is your aspiration to lose weight or to significantly improve your current elite sports performance; Functional Fitness Coaching will give you the right package to meet your specific needs.

Modern lifestyles are busy and stressful; balancing family, work and relationships can be difficult at the best of times. Some lifestyle choices are not always conducive to your health, fitness and well-being. Functional Fitness Coaching will help you identity what changes you can make practically; enabling you to make positive habitual lifestyle changes.

With elite performers critical analysis and self awareness is paramount; however some athletes and coaches can fail to do this continually and effectively and as such reach a performance plateau. Functional Fitness Coaching will assist your understanding and identification of specific areas of weakness, culminating in the winning performance you have been looking for. 


As a coach of athletes with a wide range of abilities I find it vitally important to be able to offer constant feedback and reassurance to all my athletes day in day out, sometimes even 2, 3 times a day if needed. Sadly there was nothing out there that actually allowed me to facilitate this as a coach, so I decided to create my own.  

Xhale offers unique interactive communication between coach and athlete. 

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Joe Skipper Elite Ironman Triathlete (8hr 17m IM Florida 2024)

 " I am really enjoying the simplicity and speed of Xhale.  Mark Livesey  has designed something that is already helping me monitor my triathlon specific training, its quick to use, and the data is easily interpreted.  I especially like the interactive aspect. Being able to give and receive feedback instantly with Mark on a specific session that day is excellent"      



Brian Fogarty 14th overall IM Bolton & 9hr.30 IM Kona World Championships 2024

"Mark is the best investment I've made in terms of money spent and time saved."


primi sui motori con e-max


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