"There are a lot of people out there trying to make triathlon into rocket science, which is confusing for newcomers to the sport. Mark keeps the performance testing simple and the training straight forward. I now understand what it takes to improve and train properly; this has become apparent in just a short period of time.  I'm now finishing on the podium and winning triathlon races increasing my confidence and my ability to reach my goal of gaining my Elite licence for Ironman."

Joe Skipper

Elite Ironman Triathlete (8hr 17m IM Florida 2024)

 " I am really enjoying the simplicity and speed of Xhale.  Mark Livesey  has designed something that is already helping me monitor my triathlon specific training, its quick to use, and the data is easily interpreted.  I especially like the interactive aspect. Being able to give and receive feedback instantly with Mark on a specific session that day is excellent"      

Brian Fogarty

14th overall IM Bolton & 9hr.30 IM Kona World Championships 2024

"Mark is the best investment I've made in terms of money spent and time saved."

Billy Webb

"I consider myself a well motivated individual and thought I was doing everything right. Wrong!  Mark first showed me how functionally weak I was and then continued to highlight all the areas that needed development for me to improve my performance, especially for Ironman.  I now know the importance of strength & conditioning training, something I never did, ever?  The testing hurts a lot but is very rewarding when you see the training is working, as Mark says "the numbers don't lie"."

Karen Peek

"I could not have achieved my dream without the dedication, expertise and patience of Mark and Caroline Livesey.  You could not find two more dedicated triathletes and benefitting from their years of experience propelled my training and ability to new levels.  They patiently explained the simple concepts at the beginning and then worked with me to ensure that my training was personal, suitable to my ability and progress and fit around my full time job."

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