York and Humberside Children's Race Series

Sat 29th August 2015 - 1800hrs

Triton Race Brief

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Children's Triathlon North Yorkshire


Triton Entrants List


btf logo Functional Fitness Events are please to announce the following Children's Triathlon will be included as part of the York & Humberside Race Series. 

The race will take place in the private grounds of Newby Hall, Nr Ripon. The swim will take place in the River Ure (wetsuits are compulsory); the bike section will be on a fully closed tarmac 2km circuit with the run section on grass and tarmac.  

Why not take advantage of this generous offer and enjoy a weekend of fun and adventure at Newby Hall.  You also receive FREE parking, FREE camping and FREE entry to Newby Hall for the family (2 adults 2 children).   

*When registering a child, choose the age group that they would fall into via their age on 31 Dec 2015.

 We're asking all kids entered into the Tri to try out some fundraising. If everyone entered managed to raise just £5 for Ironman 4 the Kidz it would be a huge benefit to their campaign. 

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A note from the event organiser Mark Livesey*

"As a parent I know how much your children want to copy and emulate you; this is why I am offering your children the experience of real Triathlon that includes an open water swim, a closed road bike route (all on tarmac and not grass, and free from traffic) and a great spectator friendly run.  All in the safety of Newby Hall."

Swim Icon

 1.  Water safety - It is the intention to have adult swimmers evenly distributed throughout the looped swim route.  Your responsibility would be to ensure the safety of any child who may get into difficulty.  I would like to have an adult swimmer in the water at every 10m point.  Kayakers would also be in the water to help assist where necessary.  Parents/volunteers are not allowed to assist or pace the children during the race.    (Route Details Here).

 Bike Icon  2.  Bike route - The bike route will take place on a 2km looped course on the private road that runs through Newby Hall.  Newby Hall will be closed to the general public at 1800hrs onwards, that said I would like to have a number of parents at key points on the bike course to make sure no traffic enters at any point. In addition to this I would also require a number of volunteers to continually ride the route.  (Route Details Here).
Run Icon

All Tri Star ( not youth athletes)  will run a series of  600m loops anticlockwise; athletes are to ensure they know how may laps they need to run and when to run down the finish line.  

Tri Stars - 600m ( 1 loop) 

 Tri Star 1 - 1200m (2 loops)

 Tri Star 2 - 1800m (3 loops)

 Tri Star 3 - 3000m (5 loops)

Youth athletes Run Route   

Youths - 5km (2 loops of the bike route - same direction of travel and 2 loops of the 600m run loop) Youth athletes will be last to start during the evening and as such they will be able to use the bike route as the run route for their first 2 loops, then 2 smaller loops to finish. 

(Route Details Here).

Age Categories & Distances

This race will take place between 1830hrs - 1930hrs - Sat 14 June. Please note age cats are from 31 Dec 2015.

Tri Star  – 8 years. Swim 50m/Bike 2km/Run 600m

Tri Star 1 – 9-10 years. Swim 150m/Bike 4km/Run 1.5km

Tri Star 2 – 11-12 years. Swim 200m/Bike 6km/Run 2km

Tri Star 3 – 13-14 years. Swim 300m/Bike 8km/Run 3km

Youths -  15-16 years.  Swim 400m/10km/5km

 What is Needed to Race

1.  All children will need a wetsuit to race (full sleeves strongly recommended).  No wetsuit no race.  HUUB do a great children's wetsuit - MORE HERE

2.  Goggles

3.  Swim hats (provided by Functional Fitness Events).

4.  Bike (any bike will do as long as it is serviceable and road worthy, bikes will be checked prior to the race).  

5.  Bike Helmet ( this will be checked for serviceability prior to the event).

6.  Running shoes.

7.  Race clothing ( this does not have to be a specific tri suit, shorts and T shirt will do) 

Head over to the Race Check website to review your race or see what others thought of the Trident Standard Distance

Parental Assistance

The safety of the children is paramount, this is why the Functional Fitness Team are respectfully requesting additional assistance from parents during the race. 

A number of volunteers would also be required for the Transition area, bike mount/dismount line and finish area.      

If you would like to offer your services for the children's race please fill out the form on the bottom of the volunteers page and one of our team will be in touch with you.

Download this file (Functional Fitness Children sponsor form.pdf)Download Sponsor Form [Download Sponsor Form] 547 kB
Download this file (Triton Final List.pdf)Triton Entrants List [Triton Entrants List] 257 kB


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