Brief History:

Mark Livesey

During my 22 years in the British Army as a member of the Royal Army Corps of Physical Training I experienced a wide range of training environments specifically aimed at getting the very best from individuals.  I worked with the Airborne, Commando & Special Forces in some of the most physically and mentally challenging environments the Armed Forces has to offer.   This exceptional experience has given me the abilty to get the very best from anyone. 

My Coaching Philosophy:

My attitude to coaching is exactly that, I coach.  Coaching an athlete requires commitment from both parties and involves much more than just emailing out a generic four-week programme with some cliché quotes like “goal setting” and “periodisation’ with caveats on phone calls and emails.

I coach all my athletes from qualitative data, collated through accurate performance testing that I conduct.  All prescribed training is aimed to elicit the most efficient performance gain, and programmes are regularly altered to fit specific needs.  This method, coupled with my expert knowledge and personal experience, works. 

I conduct a one-to-one session with my athletes every two weeks, and performance testing (lactate and power) every six weeks.  This means I keep up to date with their progress. They also have the use of the Functional Fitness gymnasium/lab and discounted physiotherapy.  I take great pride in ensuring all my athletes emails and calls are answered within the shortest time possible, they know that they can contact me whenever they need to.   

Coaching Qualifications:

Dip.HE          - Sports Psychology

Dip.HE          - Sports Exercise Therapy & Massage

Cert.HE        -  Sport’s Science

ASA                - Swim Teacher (full)

REPs               - Exercise Professional Level 4  

BTF                -  Level 2

ABA               - Ass Boxing Coach

Spinning Instructor  - Level 2

Strength & Conditioning – Level 2

Athletic Performances

I have competed in triathlon for over 15 years and in that time I have won many domestic events, including National Age Group titles at most distances. I have also won World Age Group medals. During this time I also dominated the Army Championships and was unbeaten for over 10 years.  I also raced at Elite level at all distances ranging from Sprint to Ironman; some finishers worthy of note:

 Blenheim Palace 5th Elite

Elsmere Hall of Fame 1st place

Bournemouth International Triathlon 1st place

Vitruvian Middle Distance 2nd and 4th places

National Middle Distance Championships 4th place

Elite European Middle Distance Championships 14th overall

Ironman Mexico 33rd Pro

Ironman Austria 14th Pro, 9 hours 04 mins

Skipton Sprint Champion 2024 

2nd National Triathlon Championships, 6th AG World Triathlon Championships 2024

4th Elite at the Varchery Middle Distance Triathlon 2024 


I have managed to achieve the performances above with the same basic training principles I use to coach my athletes and while balancing a full time job and family commitments. 

Jamie Noble

Hi my name is Jamie Noble I’m a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 16 years experience. I started my career in the NHS and have worked for over 10 years in the private sector. During this time I have specialised in musculoskeletal and sports injuries, which has led to the opportunity of working with and treating some high profile sports men and women.

Having competed to a reasonably high level in sports myself, I’ve had my fair share of injuries, which led me to pursue a career in physiotherapy. Being an active participant in sports, combined with my experience of working with elite individuals, I understand the inconvenience of an injury. These episodes need no nonsense quick and effective treatment to help get you back training or competing again.

Read More about Jamie on the physio page - here 

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